Fledging is Near

Our chicks are about seven weeks old now and they’re spending more time flapping and gaining some air time over the nest, as you can see in this video.

It won’t be long before our chicks take their first flight. It might be a short one, with the chick returning quickly to the nest, or it might be a longer one if they make it to a nearby tree or decide to sit on the ground for a bit until they can make it back up to the nest. They might also just fly up to the top of the camera arm, where the male likes to perch — just out of our sight.

Speaking of fledging, the Dyfi Osprey Cam nest in Wales had three chicks fledge yesterday — all in the same morning. You can watch the interesting videos on their website.

Given that our chicks are very close in age and size, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them fledge close together. Often seeing one chick leave the nest greatly motivates the other to fly, too.

Finally, as we mentioned on the Osprey Cam page, we are starting the 2015 Osprey Chick-Naming Contest. It will run through August 1. Visit the contest page for details on entering, and please help us name our chicks.

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