Update on Third Chick

We have some sad news about our third chick. We lost him today. Yesterday afternoon during a feeding session, the youngest chick (on the right in the video below) appeared to either get injured or stuck in some part of the nest material. He was not able to move from the spot that you see in the video. Apparently the parents weren’t able to help him, assuming they realized he was in distress.

Today was a very hot day, so we know he didn’t survive being on his own in the corner of the nest (and not shaded by the mother, like the other two chicks), so right now we have a two-chick brood.

We were worried about the third chick, but we didn’t expect this to be the reason he didn’t survive. In fact, in all the years we’ve been watching this nest and the Eagle Cam nest (since 2001), we’ve never seen a feeding incident like this. At first we thought he got injured by the fish the mother dropped over him, but if you look at the video, he seems to go down right before that, so we’re not sure what happened, but the parents were not able to assist him.

The good news is our other two chicks look strong and are getting big, so we’re encouraged by their apparent good health and the amount of fish the parents are bringing in.

Watching wildlife cams is interesting because you never know what you’re going to see, but unfortunately sometimes what you see is sad or upsetting.

We want to thank our cam watcher Trish for capturing this episode, so we could see what happened.

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