Three Chick Brood

Three Chicks on Osprey Cam

Three Chicks on Osprey Cam

We wanted to post this update yesterday, but for some reason YouTube wasn’t making it easy to upload a video, so we had to wait until today. At the moment, we have three chicks. We say “at the moment” because as those who follow osprey cams know, sometimes the third chick doesn’t make it for the long haul, so we’re watching carefully to see if he can hang in there. The good news is that the chicks hatched about 24 hours apart, so at least for now, the first chick doesn’t have a huge advantage in size.

Here is the final scorecard:

  • 1st egg:
    Laid: April 21
    Hatched: June 1
  • 2nd egg:
    Laid: April 24
    Hatched: June 2
  • 3rd egg:
    Laid: April 27
    Hatched: June 3

The first chick was late in hatching, but the other two chicks hatched a bit early, so that put them very close together. Last week was a bit wet and cool, but all the chicks came through fine (if a wet spring persists, it can be bad news for osprey chicks), so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they’ll continue to grow and thrive.

Below is the video we captured at the Refuge over the weekend. The father flew in with a fish and was eating the fish on the camera arm (you see the camera shake when he flies down). He then shared the good-sized fish with the mother, who fed the three chicks. The youngest (in the back) didn’t get a lot in this clip, but the feeding session was long, and toward the end he got more food, once the two older chicks were full.

Thanks to those who have sent in photos for the gallery. The chicks are hard to see in the nest, and then the parents put up some large sticks right in front of the camera, so we know capturing images of the chicks has been very challenging. We’ll update the gallery later this week.

Until next time,
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